Brighton Travelworld - Who We Are
Brighton Travelworld - Who We Are


Dear Valued Customers,

Writing newsletters about the business never comes easy, whereas promoting holiday destinations is relatively simple because every day we receive details of great holiday experiences that we like passing on to you.

But for now everything is upside down, so over the coming period, we'll share some stories about Brighton Travelworld, provide insights into some great holiday destinations, and then 'travel offers', as we approach the other side of Covid-19.

People often ask about Brighton Travelworld - the business; how we started, what we stand for, the awards we've received, and our involvement with the local and international communities. Therefore, I thought I'd very briefly share some of that today.

Brighton Travelworld opened its doors just over 50 years ago in the same location you find us today. We have the compact downstairs office and we also have the upstairs office which is about 3 times that size. Upstairs provides much more space to spread out and for the 'non-consulting' side of the business - Travel Contractors, Bookkeeping, Staff room, Storage, Meeting Room, and space for our Community activities.

The agency was started by Peter Korbel, an ex Qantas Sales Manager. He employed Julie a number of years later as a bookkeeper, and then transferred her downstairs to become Manager. He sold the business to Sam Abrahams after about 20 years and moved to Queensland (and then Bali). Sam owned the business for 10 years, and then 20 years ago, Julie and I became business partners and purchased it. We were in the same Rotary club.
In a later newsletter we'll talk about our wonderful staff, and below are some 'then and now' photos from the Archives.
Awards & Industry recognition
Julie sits on a number of Industry Councils as we're seen as a significant travel agency.  We generally go to the 'top of the queue' when contacting suppliers, and consequently our success rate in terms of advice, bookings, and trouble shooting are significantly ahead of those who book their travel over the Internet.

A couple of months ago, Julie won the 'Australian Cruise Consultant of the Year' from CLIA, the international cruise association. We're very proud to be regularly nominated for awards having previously won 'Best Travel Agency' from the Industry, Bayside and other organisations. 

Our Community
Brighton Travelworld has always been heavily involved in Community organisations. We've provided numerous prizes for local schools, charities and others. We've resurrected the Church Street Traders Association - regularly removing graffiti from the street, managing the street's CCTV systems, canvassing improvements for parking supply, and liaising with Council.

However, the largest commitment has been with the Rotary Club of Brighton and its many fundraising and charitable causes. We have supported Rotary with prizes and also at a Board level for over 40 years. Over those years, the offices of Brighton Travelworld have often provided a focal point for the organisation's activities.

Today - Business as usual
Our absolute priority is to retain all of our highly qualified staff who have been with us for many years.

So, even though the downstairs office is generally closed to reduce the risk of infection, our best method of communication is by phone or email. We'll either be working downstairs, upstairs, or from home. Julie, Keiran, Amanda, Carol, Lisa, Kerrie, Erica and Sallie are all working the same number of days.The amazing government support, and our cash reserves, will allow us to weather this storm.

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Office Space for Rent
Upstairs, we have a small-self contained office of 23 square metres which would easily house 2 people. We've been renting it out for 15 years and now our tenant has given notice. Do you know anyone (who's going crazy working from home or maybe wanting to downsize) who might be interested? It overlooks St Andrews St.

All the best,
Keiran Cromie.
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