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An update, Q & A with Kerrie,
Ponant, and some Humour
Dear Valued Customers,

This Monday (11th May), we're reopening our door so pop in and say 'Hello'. And of course we'll be following CoVid-19 guidelines in terms of Social distancing, Sanitising, etc.

And hopefully Victoria/Australia makes it's way quickly though to 'Step 3' and less restrictions on Travel.

Last night I came across a couple of videos from some Travel comedians that made me laugh. I hope you find them funny and not offensive. We need humour in these times!

1. Helping an Online Traveller & Charging Fees: Click here

2. Slater and Gordon Class action: Click here

3. Being a Travel Agent  (Please DON'T Click if swearing offends) Click here:
It's Time to Love Australia & New Zealand
As promised this week, here are my Top Ten Picks for Holidays close to home, whilst we await the rest of the world to open up.

This will help shape your ideas and inspire a few dreams; what's new and exciting, what are the likely trends? Above all, what can we look forward to?

It's heartening to hear the confidence that we Australians have; we are a hardy band of travellers, keen to hit the road again – beginning with domestic travel. Many are saying that the destination that offers the most security and surety would have to be Australia !!
So let’s check out our own backyard!

Over the past 12 months, I’ve been most blessed and travelled to many parts of Australia, and I loved each destination for its own uniqueness and purpose.

Firstly, I spent time at Uluru (Ayres Rock) staying at Sails in the Desert – a unique destination which has a fabulous pool to relax and cool down after a day of sightseeing, walks and touring.

Both Hayman Island and Hamilton Island were another quick getaway – I loved both of these islands for different reasons, one for luxury and pampering and the other for activities. Remember to take a buggy to Qualia for lunch or dinner – this we did and it was well worth the trip, an amazing setting with views across the Whitsundays.

We also visited the Gold Coast a couple of times during the past year. My go-to place for some warm R&R and so many great restaurants. There are many wonderful apartments with the best views along the coast, and then for a resort-style stay, the Sheraton Grande Mirage Resort, its makeover, it is the best!

I also spent a few days in Tasmania at the MACq 01 Hotel in the heart of the historic Hobart Waterfront. It’s hard not be wooed by this hotel and once again, a lovely relaxing break exploring the many wineries and restaurants serving world class food and wines (including a visit to Mona and dining in one of their equally world-class restaurants). Do allow time to travel up the east coast to Winegalss Bay, Freycinet National Park and Lodge and one of the world's finest luxury lodges, Saffire Freycinet.

Don’t let us forget Sydney. I had several visits to Sydney, and never tire of the city, the views, the buzz and the restaurants.

One of my all-time best holidays was Lord Howe Island,  only two words - Spectacular and Relaxation!

So here are my recommendations and because our consultants have been, they know the best places for you to stay, and as well, Alan Joyce is promising us some all-time lowest airfares!

Which do you want to experience?
  1. Hayman & Hamilton Islands
  2. Kimberley & Arnhem Land
  3. Outback and Wilderness Adventures with APT
  4. Port Douglas
  5. Broome
  6. Perth & Margaret River region
  7. Noosa
  8. Gold Coast
  9. The Ghan & Indian Pacific 
  10. Lord Howe Island
And not to forget our near neighbours - New Zealand. I spent a week there last year and it never disappoints. Once again, you’ll find world-class lodges, the most scenic sightseeing and views, landscapes, lakes and mountains and the most breathtaking golf courses.
If you’re looking for adventure, then Queenstown will not disappoint. A week there is not nearly enough.

Here are some links to my Favs (but remember to BOOK with us - we need the Love) :

Hamilton Island
Hayman Island - Inter Continental
Noosa - Sea Haven
Port Douglas - Coconut Grove
Lord Howe Island
Sydney - Merivale
Perth - Crown Towers
Perth - Ritz Carlton
Kimberley- APT
Kimberley - APT
New Zealand - Blanket Bay
A few words about International Travel
Next year may seem a long way off, but our clients have always dreamt and planned ahead. Many are already locking in their 2021 holidays, although it is only May. We're ready to put this ‘annus horribilis’ behind us, and look forward to brighter, more positive times. So:
There's no other way to be right now. And anyway, travel itself is an inherently optimistic pursuit. Every time we leave the house, we place our trust in the world that everything is going to be OK. Do your best to carry that attitude as you consider your options for 2021.
Antarctica - Zoom Presentation
This coming Wednesday at 4pm. Craig Farrell from Ponant, will be presenting a fabulous look at his recent trip to Antarctica. Craig escorted a group of Photographers, Journalists, and National Geographic staff there.  More details and the link will be circulated the day before (Tuesday).It will certainly be worth watching.

Enjoy the read below, about Kerrie McBeath - my PA, assistant, and does everything I don't like doing.

Julie Avery
Q & A - Kerrie McBeath
1. Your Name and when did you start at BTW?
Kerrie McBeath - 9 years ago.
2. How did you get started in the travel industry?
After a year at Uni I decided to complete the Jetset Travel Training College Diploma in Travel and Tourism. Upon graduation I secured a job at Wandana The Travel Professionals in High Street Armadale.
3. What excites you about working in the Travel Industry?
Every day in the office is a different day; you never know what the day may bring. The adrenalin kicks in when you need to urgently rearrange someone's travel plans, be it for a  corporate client whose meetings have all been cancelled or rescheduled, or for a client who needs to urgently return home for a medical or compassionate reason.  It is very satisfying and rewarding knowing we've helped our clients in difficult circumstances.
4. What three things do you never travel without?
The essential items you can't easily or quickly replace - my passport, credit cards and travel insurance. Oh and my family and mobile phone! The rest you can (easily) buy or replace if you forget or lose them!
5. Favourite TV show you are watching now?
Juggling my hours in the office, home-schooling our son and tip-toeing around a husband working from home, I'm too tired at night to watch much TV. I've never cooked so many meals in all my married life so there are many boring chores to do from 5 o'clock onwards!
6. Tell us about your best holiday experience.
Like most of our clients and my colleagues, I'm extremely fortunate to say there are probably too many to mention. The remarkable sunrises and sunsets, exhilarating hot-air balloon rides and helicopters, the magnificent wildlife, breathtaking scenery, fascinating historical sites, luxurious accommodation, delicious local cuisines and diverse cultural experiences. All give us deeper appreciation for this wonderful world we live in and the desire to keep travelling and exploring new destinations.
7. What is one positive that has come about in the current travel industry environment?
Although we're experiencing extremely stressful times, especially in the travel industry, I've been amazed at the positive attitude and upbeat feeling that everyone is sharing - within the office, with every supplier we contact and the wonderful warm support from our loyal clients.
8. If you could go on your dream holiday right now, where would you go and why ?
Escaping Melbourne's impending Winter, I'd head to the Northern Hemisphere, to the UK. My son has a fascination to visit Scotland, the birthplace of our ancestors. And he's keen to search for ol' Nessie!
9 What did you learn from your worst travel experience?
Although things may seem disastrous or impossible at the time, when you calm down and think logically about what's really important, there is usually an answer to the problem. Things don't always go to plan (in life but especially when travelling - so many factors and variables outside of our control!) so we just have to accept it and go with the flow. It's not worth the stress and angst. And that's all part of the travel experience. Besides, it's the dramas that make the best travel stories!
10. Tell us something that we would not know about you.
Although very rusty, I can speak, read and write Italian and French. Hence my desire to travel overseas and use my languages.
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