Green Sea Turtles, Spider Monkeys, Seahorses & Mobula Rays
Expedition Time
Thank you so much for your emails and phone calls of thanks for last week’s newsletter featuring Virtual Galleries, Museums & Wildlife, we were so thrilled that it brought some joy into your homes and that you were able to share this with your family and friends.
Based on your feedback we will continue to seek out these wonderful virtual experiences. In this edition we are off on an expedition! It did not seem that long ago that some of us were together being inspired by National Geographic Lindblad Expeditions at our information night in Fairfield. For those of you who missed out here is a little taste from your armchair.
Always wanted to see a Green Sea Turtle up close, or how about some cheeky Spider Monkeys, or the fascinating Banana Slug? Perhaps you may prefer to be underwater snorkelling with Seahorses in the Galapagos or Mobula Rays in Baja California. Whatever your preference, let us take you on your very own virtual expedition.

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