Experiencing A Delay In Receiving Your Refund? Here's Why.
Your Refunds & Cancellations: Facts First!

Firstly we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all of our valued clients, without whom our business would not exist. We deeply appreciate your patience, kindness and support during these testing times.

We understand that many of you have cancelled travel plans which were arranged through us and are seeking refunds or credits. Rest assured that we have been working tirelessly to ensure each and every cancellation is refunded as quickly as possible, BUT much of this process is out of our hands; before we return your money we have to first retrieve and chase these back for you from each supplier. One thing we would like to highlight is that during this process your money never sits with us for more than a few hours

We have developed a system to track and monitor the status of your refunds and have noticed that some suppliers are taking a very long time.  We aim to keep in touch with you with updates from time to time on the status of your refund/credit, however please do not hesitate to pick up the phone or send us an email if you are concerned about the status of your refund.  We will be more than happy to share with you any updates - and would love to just say hello, have a chat and talk travel!
The Australian Federation Of Travel Agents (AFTA) have just put out a letter highlighting the above mentioned issue in further detail.

Click here to read the full letter.
But, why is it all so complex?
This fantastic explainer video on behalf of CATO will help shed some light on the complex situation for travellers everywhere.
Our Life - Through The Eyes Of A Paver!
We came across this fantastic thread from a fellow travel agent last week, which neatly (!) describes the current situation we find ourselves in... Enjoy!
I have a neighbour who has a paving business ask me how travel is going last week, as he is travelling to London in September and just wanted to know if he is going or not... Let me try and explain this through the eyes of a paver!
You get a call from a prospective customer for a new and large backyard paving job. You meet with them on several occasions giving all your years of advice and knowledge until such time as they receive a detailed quote and make the decision to go ahead with the job. A long but very worthwhile process. Once finished you are both extremely happy with the outcome. Your customer even shouts you a couple of hard-earned beverages.

Then out of the blue, you receive a call from the customer that was so happy, just advising you that the Government no longer are allowing those pavers to be there as they are a health issue. You now need to come back and pull them all up and return the space back to the way it was, and by the way, they want a full refund. 
You then advise them that the paver company will only offer you the wholesale refund price and not the retail price that you had sold it for on their behalf. On top of that, they will only give a credit for the ones you had laid prior to the 13th, and the ones laid on the 14th can be refunded, but any laid after that date they haven’t yet made a decision and you will just have to wait. You then advise the customer that as most of the pavers were laid on the 14th you will be able to offer a 90% refund for those, but as you are advising them you have just received an email letting you know that this new email supersedes any others you may have received and they are now only offering a credit for the 14th as well.
You then do all the work again, and more, as the deconstruction was actually more time consuming than the initial construction, and at the end of it you are asked to return your original labour charge for the first job as well, as it was not their fault that you have to come back at tear the job up and return it back to its original state.
Your customer then advises you that that have a mate, Muzza, who once laid some pavers for himself, and he tells me that a Current Affair has said that you have to give me all my money back or I can do a chargeback on my credit card.
You have somehow navigated all this confusion and the paver company changes its mind again and will now provide you with a full refund for the 12th only, but as you didn’t put them down that day it does not apply to you, so you will now have to apply for a refund and this may take 3 months – and you have to decide by this afternoon.
All the while you are being told by your customer that A Current Affair has advised them yet again, that we are stealing their money, supposedly have it in my bank account and must by law give it back or they will go the to ACCC.
This all happening while Dan Murphy’s puts a limit on your medicinal purchases...
Now, are you sure that you want to know how travel is going?

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