South America: Beyond the Amazon
Welcome To The Jungle!

Beyond The Amazon & Into South America
Did you know that the Amazon rain forest alone would cover almost 70% of Australia? It's little wonder then, that in this most bio-diverse region on the planet (home to around 40,000 species of plant, 1,400 species of mammal, and 1,500 species of bird) we're still to this day discovering signs of indigenous tribes, completely cut off from the modern world. Lucky them!

Unfortunately, the Amazon is also home to an estimated 2.5 MILLION different species of insects, so we thought we would take a look beyond the jungle and see what else the continent of South America had in store for the intrepid traveller. Tracing our digital finger from north of the equator all the way down to within spitting distance of the Antarctic, it turned out the answer was LOTS, whichever 'type' of traveller you label yourself. 

Today we're going to look at just a few of those 'must try' experiences, and we hope that one (or a few of them if you have the time) inspires a visit in 2021 and beyond. 
For The Brave!
At the southern tip of Chile you'll find the Torres Del Paine National Park; offering spectacular views of the steep slopes and jagged peaks of the Andes. Adventure lovers can hike the famous W Trail, from which you'll be able to see the mountains from many different angles.
For The Culture Vulture
Considered by many to be the most beautiful city in South America, Cartagena is located on Colombia's Caribbean coast. This colonial city is protected by an impressive fortress and boasts some of the world’s best-preserved colonial architecture. Famous for its strong civil and military architecture during the Spanish colonial times, the fortress protected the city during numerous attacks, earning Cartagena the nickname La Heroica.
For All Things Natural (Without All The Insects)
The Iguaçu Falls stretches over 2 miles across Brazil and into the Iguazú National Park in Argentina. One of the world's oldest and largest waterfalls, the spray from the 2,700m drop creates a cloud-like atmosphere where animals and plant-life thrive. While this is a perfect vacation spot for bird lovers to spot over a hundred of species, nature lovers are delighted to find howler monkeys, jaguars, giant anteaters, and tropical flora and fauna.
For The History Buff
When it comes to indigenous culture, the Inca sites such as Sacsayhuaman and Machu Picchu are certainly among the highlights, but there are many other sites worth exploring. One such example would be Easter Island, with Moai, the giant stone heads carved from local volcanic rock being dramatic and striking relics from centuries ago.
For The Hungry
If you love seafood, you'll love South America, as Ceviche is practically a national dish in many countries along the Pacific Coast. It's made by marinating raw fish in lime juice or another zingy citrus juice, along with chili and other seasoning, and it's DELICIOUS. Meat lovers will be in seventh heaven at an 'asado' - a common communal meal in Uruguay & Argentina, which features a variety of different meats cooked to perfection over a barbecue.

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