(The Other Ones!)
Europe's Magical Islands

(The Other Ones!)
Every year for their World’s Best Awards, Travel + Leisure asks readers to weigh in and share their opinions on a multitude of destinations and experiences. Readers rate each (although many have only visited the one, and only once) based on factors such as activities, sights, natural attractions, friendliness, food and overall value.

It's a great guide if you're wanting to make your Instagram followers jealous, and go where everyone else is talking about going, but what if you don't? What if you're looking for a more 'off the beaten path' experience that's all about YOU?

Then our suggestion is that you take a closer look at Europe's lesser-known islands - the ones that don't make the "Top 10" lists - as there are plenty of them brimming with culture, history, interesting cuisine and plenty of opportunities for relaxation. Today we're going to feature just five of them, but contact us if you're 'thinking different' as there are plenty more!
This mountainous Mediterranean island presents a mix of stylish coastal towns, dense forest and craggy peaks. Nearly half the island falls within a park, making it a MUST for all the nature lovers; particularly the hiking fanatics. Enjoy the fresh air, relax on one of the many pristine beaches, and enjoy the unique blend of French & Italian cultures (bonus!) before taking in some history with a visit to Maison Bonaparte, the ancestral home of Napoleon.
Easily the most dramatic islands on today's list! Like Iceland but with more peaks, these 18 rocky, volcanic islands set between Iceland and Norway are a haven for hikers and bird-watchers - puffins being the most popular! If you’re into beautiful landscapes, with a chance to see the Northern Lights or Midnight sun, then this is where you should be heading. 
With its gorgeous beaches and clear blue water, this is easily one of the best islands in Europe to sneak away to for some much-needed R&R in the sun. When you're ready for some activity you'll find plenty to do - one of its best-known natural attractions is the Blue Grotto, a dark cavern where the sea glows electric blue, the result of sunlight passing through an underwater cave. Done for the day? Enjoy the Italian cuisine and the famous limoncello!
Welcome to Rhodes, the capital of the Greek Dodecanese Isles. Rich in culture and history, this island was once occupied by the Knights of St. John during the Crusades. There are, of course, the requisite beautiful beaches to kick back in balanced out by many ancient ruins, such as the Colossus and the Acropolis of Lindos.
The Isles of Scilly are an archipelago off the Cornish coast of southwest England but, thanks to the unique effects of the Gulfstream, they feel a world apart in every way. Outstandingly beautiful, uncrowded and unspoilt, everything looks and feels quite different here - we’re talking white sandy beaches, water so clear and blue that it feels like you’re in the Caribbean, and a way of life that really epitomises the best of England and the UK as a whole.
Most people know Ibiza as Europe's party capital, but there's far more to discover when you venture away from the usual tourist hotspots. The water here is beautifully clear and blue, the jagged, dramatic landscape all around it only adds more to this beauty and the entire island (especially when you head up to the North of it) is something that will leave you picking your jaw up from the floor in amazement.

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