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Pisco Sours, Empanadas & Exploring With Shackleton
What does a modern explorer look like? Our travel partners National Geographic and Lindblad Expeditions have created a 9 part series showing the ways exploration has changed over time. They guide you around Antarctica, following explorer Ernest Shackleton's South Georgia expedition. This week we would like to share the first 3 episodes with you.

Wanting to relive the memories of your travels to South America? Like you, we often want to recreate our journeys back home so this weekend we are taking the opportunity to create some of our favourite dishes from places we've travelled. Why not try your hand at empanadas, or perhaps a pisco sour? Meet our friends from our travel partner Adventure World who are making the most of their break from helping us book your dream holidays to South America by whipping up some Latin American favourites in the kitchen for us to try at home. If you do master one of these or any other creation from your travels, please send us a photo.

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A Modern Explorer
Join National Geographic and Lindblad Expeditions to look at how exploration has changed over the centuries, from exploitation to conservation, from collecting artefacts to documenting them, from conquering nature to celebrating it.
Cooking Latin American Treats
Ready, steady, cook! Time to tempt those tastebuds? We've got sweet, savoury and cocktails covered. Do you know what an alfajores is? Find out how to make one now. 
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