Brighton Travelworld - An Update and Meet the Team
Brighton Travelworld - An Update
and Q & A with Lisa Wells

Dear Valued Customers,

Today I thought I’d give you an update and share a Q & A with one of our Consultants – Lisa Wells, with others to follow next time.

An Update
Travel Agency life continues on in the same vein as it has done for the past 4-5 weeks – amending, cancelling, refunding and interpreting airline and cruise line rules! They all have different rules so don’t believe what you hear on the News.

Our Team has risen and been resolute in its care and focus, to ensure each of you has received the very best service and advice along with all the options available to you so as to minimise any loss. And also not losing your future travel dream. We have brought many clients back home, worked relentlessly with airlines, operators and cruise lines to take the unknown and stress away from our clients, and delivered options with clarity and care. We have an amazing team, there is no better !

It is this experience in navigating headwinds that is the foundation of why a Travel Agent is so important. We are here for you 24/7 and especially when things go wrong. A Travel Agent is there to bring your dreams to reality, so always use their experience to offer advice and options you may not have considered, saving you time and money, and enhancing your experience.

We are there to work with the airlines and operators on your behalf, saving you hours on hold, scrolling through confusing websites and the stress of making the right and best decision for you. And when things go wrong, we are here to help to connect you, and to bring you home safely. We are there to protect your dreams and your hard-earned money, and we do this because we love travel and we love our clients.

During this time, many new and long-time, loyal clients have shone! And for that, we thank you. The support, understanding and words of encouragement have given us much strength and resolve to continue the fight, to carry on and rise from this stronger, more experienced and more humble.

Over the past 50 years, we thought we had seen it all, global events, the GFC, SARS, Terrorism, and Mother Nature, and now we have a new challenge that is impacting the world in unprecedented ways. We will weather the storm together, give you peace of mind and support and we will dream with you, so when you are ready, together we can start planning what your next holiday could look like. When the time comes the World will be waiting for us.

I love these few words that a long-time client read somewhere: --
Q & A - Lisa Wells
1. Your Name and when did you start at BTW?
Lisa Wells - 18 years ago.
2. How did you get started in the travel industry?
My father owned a Travel Agency in Mordialloc and I used to go after school and stamp brochures there to earn pocket money. It’s in my blood.
3. What excites you about being a travel agent?
Designing clients dream holidays for them and the opportunity to travel myself to wonderful destinations.
4. What three things do you never travel without?
Travel Insurance, Hand Sanitizer/tissues and a First Aid Kit.
5. Favourite TV show you are watching now?
Not really much on at the moment so watching repeats of old series such as Frasier, Friends.
6. Tell us about your best holiday experience?
Wow! Too many to choose between. We have had wonderful family holidays with our kids to USA and also Europe when both our mothers joined us as well. Also great holidays - just my husband and me to Cuba/Mexico, and just last year to Spain/Portugal.
7. What is one positive that has come about in the current travel industry environment?
This importance and value of booking with a Travel Agent. So many people I know who have booked on the Internet cannot get through on the phone to talk to anyone. Trying to get answers or assistance with refunds for cancelled trips during Covid-19. It’s very rewarding to be able to assist and help our clients with the best outcome and maximum refunds. Sometimes more than they were expecting!
8. If you could go on your dream holiday right now, where would you go and why ?
I would go on a luxury cruise to the Caribbean or the Med, to be waited on, wined and dined, see beautiful ports, swim, sun and relax!
9 What did you learn from your worst travel experience?
Luckily, I really haven’t had any really bad experiences! The worst is when you get sick on a holiday. Many years ago in my early 20’s, when I had my first trip to Los Angeles, I came down with gastro and was confined to my bed for the day. I didn’t have any Imodium/Stemitel to take. I missed the whole day of city sightseeing, everything I’d only ever dreamed of seeing on TV/movies; Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Stars Walk of Fame, Santa Monica, Venice Beach etc. Luckily, I’ve been back several times since that first fateful trip. Hence why my First Aid Kit now goes with me even on the shortest domestic trip!
10. Tells us a couple of things that we would not know about you?

I’m also a Dance Teacher and Zumba Instructor and have been part of the Wells School of Dance with my Mother and sister for the last 46 years.
I grew up and live locally, have 2 grown daughters, and am an avid water skier, spending as much time as possible skiing, wake boarding and relaxing on the Murray.
My husband Antony is a Swim Instructor and owns Swimsafe Murrumbeena

Best Regards

Julie Avery


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