Don't Let It Fall Off Your Radar
Kia Ora New Zealand!

Don't Let It Fall Off Your Radar
If you've never visited New Zealand then you're missing out; it's a little piece of paradise, just across the Tasman, where humans make up only 5% of the living population. You're never more than 130km from the coast. and a staggering one third of the country is a protected land or marine area, making it the perfect option for any traveller looking to add a little 'social distance' between themselves and the hustle & bustle of modern life. 

Despite the many attractions (just a handful of which we've looked at below) New Zealand tends to find itself excluded from world maps. This has lead to a couple of fantastic New Zealand Tourism videos (take a look at the original here) but it also presents us Australians with a great opportunity to explore the islands before the rest of the world wakes up to its full potential. Scroll down for our best go at the when, where & what of New Zealand. 
When To Go
New Zealand's seasons loosely match those of Australia, and whilst Summer offers the best overall weather it's also the busiest time of year for tourists and that means there's not as much value for money on offer; that's why we tend to favour Spring instead. 

In Spring the ski season is still coming to an end, so the mountains look majestic with a light blanket of snow. As this starts to melt it presents an incredible opportunity for white water rafting if you're feeling adventurous! Spring is also the time when the new flowers and leaves start appearing; a very special time of year if you're going to be visiting the many parks (of course you are!!!) But which ones? Scroll down for a few of our favourites.
Where To Go, What To Do & See
Hands-down the most beautiful place in the entire country – if not the world. Get ready to be completely mind blown by the expansive rainforest, towering mountains, hundreds of cascading waterfalls and DOLPHINS found within Milford Sound! It can be explored by boat, kayak or plane, each offering their own unique point of view. Hikers will love the Milford Track, which starts at the northern end of Lake Te Anau and ends at Milford Sound wharf. 
One of the best places to visit, but few make the effort to reach Great Barrier Island - a shame as the trip is so rewarding! A 4-hour ferry ride or a 30-minute flight from Auckland will see you frolicking on white sandy beaches, jumping off secret waterfalls and chilling in natural hot springs. Often you will find yourself alone while exploring this amazing island. 
No list of the top places in New Zealand would be complete without Queenstown - renowned for its adventure activities. Heading up the gondola presents you with the most amazing views of the Southern, and for those feeling brave you can fly down on a small cart.
Marlborough is about world famous Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand’s largest winegrowing region, and the soils and enviable climate that create it. It’s about fresh seafood sought by the world’s finest chefs. It’s about diverse landscapes, from valleys of vines to sheltered waterways of the Marlborough Sounds. Join a guided tour or hire a bike, and choose from more than 30 cellar doors, tasting award winning wines along the way. 
On the tumultuous Pacific Ring of Fire, Rotorua is one of the most active geothermal regions in the world. This is a land where the earth speaks. Boiling mud pools, hissing geysers, volcanic craters, and steaming thermal springs betray the forces that birthed much of New Zealand's dramatic topography. Visitors can take a walking tour of these geothermal wonders and soak in steaming mineral springs while visiting a variety of interesting attractions in order to learn about the region's rich Maori history and culture.
And You Thought WE Had Some Interesting Town Names?
Taumatawhakatangihangaoauauotameteaturipukakap-ikimaungahoronukupokaiwhenuakitanatahu, which roughly translates as, “the place where Tamatea, the man with the big knees, who slid, climbed and swallowed mountains, known as the land-eater, played his nose flute to his loved ones” is a hill near Porangahau in Hawke’s Bay on the North Island. As unsurprising as it is unusual, it holds the record for longest place name!

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